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Coach Jason

Managing Director, NLP Master Coach &Trainer

"Passionate In People"

Jason is the CEO of Talent Coach and has over 21 years of experience in Human Resource & Training with the Hospitality, Education, Fashion Retail, Manufacturing, Property Development and Construction Industry.

His passion for people and personal development made him a dynamic, highly motivated, positive thinking, strong and influential leader.

Jason is an NLP Trainer certified by the American Board of NLP and is accredited Coach by International Coaching Federation and he has helped many individuals in achieving personal and organisational goals.


Trần Thị Quý Châu

Strategic Personal Development Trainer and Image Coach

ABNLP Certified Trainer

NLP Master Practitioner & Coach

With the strong belief that each of us exists resources to succeed and be happy, BiBi Tran wishes to use his passion and love in helping people truly find the deep values inside and to be the best version of themselves from inside out.


She shares valuable information how to control individuals’ image congruent with their personal and/or professional roles and what they want to accomplish in life.


With a warm personality, a passion for serving people and the belief that people have all abilities to succeed, they just need a little help.


She values sharing her knowledge, skills and helping others to achieve goals in their relationship, personal development and career. She will not stop until you go “all the way”.

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Guna Mohan
HR Specialist

A Certified Human Resource Consultant, specializing in Human Resource Operations Management Employee Relations, Talent Development that covers key business sectors. Has over 25 years of experience and broad knowledge in Human Resource Management including setting up of Human Resource Department, Enhancement of HR practice through introduction of KPI’s and Operational SOP’s. Apart from that have played key role in Training Senior and Middle Level managers in adapting to change in Business approaches through complete streamlining of Individual and Departmental Objective and Goals.


Coach Alex

Associate Coach & Trainer

Coach Alex has over 10 years of experience in Café, Restaurants, Businesses and training. As an entrepreneur, he runs his F&B business since 2016. Currently his primary mission is to share his knowledge and skills, helping many clients to start up their own F&B business by providing them training and consultation.
As a naturally extroverted person, he excels in human to human relationship and communication skills. This gives him the edge on training, business consulting, personal development and coaching. 

As a Coach, he actively participates in seminars, talks, training, business consultations, personal development and coaching programs, which improves people's life, business, personal development and relationship. He was recently engaged as a Trainer under the Penjana Initiative Program. 

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Coach Yuki

Associate Coach & Trainer

Coach Yuki is a self-motivated and detail-oriented person with over 10 years working experiences in banking and finance, telecommunication and insurance industry. In her career, she has in-depth experience in the field of hospitality, customer care, supply chain, project management and business analytics.

Always full of energy, she has a bright and cheerful personality, and like to share her knowledge with others in the context of personal development and professional development. As a trainer, she pays high importance about her work and delivers high-quality training all the time.

Armed with NLP knowledge and empowered to help and guide more people by extending her care to a wider group of life. She has helped and impacted positively hundreds of lives using NLP through the Penjana Initiative Program.

Coach Louise
Associate Coach & Trainer

Coach Louise is a a natural trainer and educator, a detail oriented person with over 13 years of working experience in banking industry, logistics and she specializes in project management.


She is known to be kind and friendly person, not only passion in personal development as well as other people. For the past 20 years, she been serving in church as catechist in echoing her faith to the young generations.


With NLP knowledge has enable her to help more people by extending her care to wider group of life. Equipped with these new tools, she is now facilitating corporate and public trainings for several training companies throughout Malaysia. She has recently completed a logistic management training program under the Penjana Initiative.  

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