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Neuro-linguistic programming is one technique that is highly beneficial for one’s coaching practice. NLP is about learning the language of the brain. This is why coaches who learn NLP techniques are even more likely to create success stories in their coaching practice.

Bakhtiar Aliff Ibrahim CEO / Executive Director

Al Kauthar Eduqids


Good platform to understand people behavioural. Most importantly boost confident level to face challenges

Pn Shafiana Executive Director

Salihin Group


It's good for both career advancement and personal development. 

I learned a better and more effective way to communicate, I learned how to observe and use body language to build rapport.


I believe this program has benefited me to help my clients as well as myself to change the way of thinking and behaving to be more successful and to achieve goals that are set.

Deborah Priya Herman, Psychology Officer, Hypnotherapist, Counselor


Absolutely! This is an awesome programme! I waited for 10 years! What do you think?

NLP boosted my confidence to continue to communicate with difficult people and to remind me to be myself. Don’t try to be someone else.


Don’t leave in other people's shadow or commands!  And let go of the negative emotions, limiting belief and this can be an option for me to change my career path.

Yoke Teng Senior Business Analyst


Great course to attend and the investment is worth every single penny. Such valuable knowledge to help not only in personal development as well as career growth. Highly recommended!!!

Louise Lau Assistant Vice President


Must learn program for personal development and career advancement

Get to know more how to “use” our neurons

Strongly recommend!

Gavin Wong  Co-Founder of Heat Press Mart Fulry


NLP is very good for both company and personal development.

I get to know myself better. Now I know what to practise and improve on. Also for the team, I can have them to have clear direction on their own career path through our communication.​

Spencer Chieng Founder of Heat Press Mart Fulry

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