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Ways to Improve Teamwork Through NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)

As more people return to work from an extended period of isolation, post pandemic lockdown, it is never a more opportune time for organizations to renew their focus on improving teamwork. Managing a business involves and largely depend on the strengths and skills of each member of the team. To achieve the best results, Management must ensure that everyone is aware of their common goal and are working towards that goal in a cohesive manner. This can only be achieved if Management has the right strategies, processes, and tools in place.

In a work environment, teamwork is the very essence for success. Teams that work well together with a shared vision of achieving their goals is without a doubt, a potent force. It is, therefore, imperative to establish a solid understanding of the team's vision, objectives and goals. But what makes a team successful? It is easy to produce the idea of "teamwork" but this word is difficult to define and harder to experience.

There are some good practices that can be implemented immediately to create an effective teamwork environment and culture. The four foundation pillars are:

- Establishing a vision

- Setting clear pathways to reaching goals

- Cooperation and Collaboration

- Listening and providing feedback

Establishing goals for an individual or a group is somewhat different from how a corporation sets up its goal. It still uses the SMART Goal process with a slight twist. Establishing a goal is easy, creating the motivation to reach the goal is another story.

How often have you set goals or even New Year’s Resolution and to realise that you have not even started on last year’s resolute? That is because, our conscious mind is always the goal-setter, and the unconscious mind is the goal-getter. People often do not achieve the goals because they have not activated the unconscious mind to achieve the goals.

Roles and Responsibilities

Everyone in an organization must be made aware of what is expected of him or her, including specific tasks, deadlines, and time commitments. The team meetings can be an ideal time to discuss the progress of any projects or organization routine tasks and ensure that every member is on board with the vision, responsibilities, and deadlines. These meetings can be constructive for both team members and managers.

Nevertheless, often such meetings and brainstorming turn out to be less productive than expected. Asking the right question in a meeting is more important and the ability to influence the results of the meeting or brainstorming session is often seen to be more valuable. They help clarify each person's role and responsibility, increase accountability, promote trust in one another's abilities, and create a sense of unity.

Encourage communication

It is necessary for everyone in the team member to keep in touch with each other and make sure that the tasks are done in a timely fashion. Communication helps people understand their goals and learn from each other. Collaboration ensures that everyone has ideas to share, which can be beneficial for creative problem solving. A dedicated team means more ideas; it also means coming together to achieve a common goal. With communication, teamwork and unity can be promoted. To work together with others and enhance teamwork, it is essential that everyone has a voice, give advice and feels at ease asking for help. When there are communication gaps, it may lead to miscommunication and mistrust. Thus, communication is key to successful collaboration in a corporation.

Take Team-building Activities into Consideration

Team-building activities are essential for any organization and should be seriously taken into consideration. These activities not only provide a chance for employees to have some fun, but also help them get to know each other and become more collaborative through understanding team members’ personality profile. This is often achieved through meta-programmes designed to reveal what lies deep in their mental psyche. Improving teamwork is one of the benefits of team-building events/training. NLP activities are cleverly designed to enhance co-operation amongst colleagues and promote collaboration between departments.

The success of any given team largely depends on the quality of communication between members. Quality communication is all about engaging all five senses. What we see, hear, feel, smell and taste. Such team building events can help in enhancing this aspect too by supplying ways to participants the practice using their five senses.

Every organization should remember that teamwork is not just about work, it's about the people. Team-building Programs can enhance teamwork and boost much needed morale. Happy employees produce better outcomes.

Multi-billionaire Sir Richard Branson of Virgin once said, “employees come first, take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers”. Investing in Team Building and making it part of your Company Culture will certainly bring tangible outcomes to productivity and positive results to the balance sheets in the long-term. Your employees are your assets.

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